Meet Our New Arrivals….

Our residents wasted no time in getting to know the two new residents of Beddell House over the weekend.

Cookie and Boo Boo the guinea pigs arrived last week and have their very own home set up in the Cinema Room.

Special thanks go to our care staff team members Dawn and Tracy, for purchasing the animals to provide Pet Therapy for our residents anytime they wish.

Pet Therapy animals offer a range of benefits for our residents:

  • They provide affection, enjoyment, and entertainment.
  • They can give residents the motivation to participate in activities.
  • They can ease loneliness for people who are missing their homes or their own pets and increase socialising among residents by giving them a reason to gather.
  • Interaction with therapy animals has been shown to reduce blood pressure and improve perceptions of pain, stress levels, and mood. Research also suggests that therapy animals can increase social behaviour and decrease agitated behaviour in people with dementia.

Pet therapy is basically a guided interaction between an animal and a person. The aim of pet therapy is to help minimize anxiety, stress, and depression. It can also offer a boost in self-confidence and improve one’s social skills.” Says Pet Therapy.